Austin South Adventist Bible Study Groups

Austin South Adventist Bible Study Groups

Austin South Seventy-day Adventist Church believes in Bible Study.  It is core to everything that we do in the church.  We have many Bible study groups that meet all week.  There is a Bible study group just for you.  Please join us in any or all of these Bible studies.

Women’s Bible Study: Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Women studying the Bible and praying with other women is powerful!!  If you would you like to dig deep into God’s word and learn important truths that will draw you closer to God and help you understand His plan for your life and for our world, please join us.  We are currently studying the books of Daniel and Revelation, and learning what the prophecies teach us about preparing for Jesus’s soon coming.  All women are welcome! 

Sanctuary Bible Study: Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  We are living at the very end of this world’s history and God is inviting us to understand the times we live in and to prepare for His soon coming. Accordingly, this Bible study group is focusing on topics pertinent to preparing us individually for Jesus’ soon coming: The Old Testament Sanctuary and the vital lessons it teaches, Paul’s application in Hebrews of Old Testament Sanctuary truths that are essential to Christians living at the end of time, and The Coming Events and the Crisis at the Close of this world’s history.   All are welcome!

Great Controversy Bible Study: First and Third Sabbath of every month (after potluck), 2:00 to 3:30 pm.  Join us as we read through Great Controversy by Ellen G. White and discuss how the concepts taught in this important book apply to us and learn to understand the prophecies that will help prepare us to be faithful to Jesus through the difficult times at the end of the world.  All are welcome!

Sabbath School Lesson Study:  Sabbath School is the central part of our Sabbath morning experience.  We have Worship Service in the morning at 10am.  Then at 11:30am our Sabbath School starts.  As usual along with all other Seventh-day Adventist Churches worldwide, we study the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly.  Please join us and study the quarterly with us.  The study starts right after the Worship Service (usually at 11:30am on Saturday, and we complete the study at 12:45pm.  Everyone is welcome!

Sabbath School Bible Study:  Along with the Sabbath School Lesson Study studying the quarterlies, we also have another adult Bible Study group that study the Bible at the same time.  We study a book of the Bible in depth, discovering new insights.  Every study is a new experience, finding treasures that we never knew before.  If you wish to study the Bible during our Sabbath School time, please join us and study the Bible with us!  Right now, throughout October 2018 to January or February 2019, we are studying the Gospel of Marks.  Everyone is welcome!

Young Adult Bible Study:  We have a very strong and thriving Young Adult group at Austin South SDA Church.  Just like our Sabbath School Bible Study group, the Young Adult are also studying the Bible in depth.  If you are college age or above young adults, please join us and study the Book of the Bible.

Children Sabbath School Bible Study:  Completing our Sabbath School Bible Study, we have various Children Sabbath School classes.  From Cradle Roll to Youth, we have a class for all ages.  Our Sabbath School starts at 11:30am, right after the Worship Service.  All children are welcome to attend our Sabbath School classes.