LAMB Program—Love A Mother’s Baby Program:  The LAMB program helps incarcerated mothers reconnect with their children in a tangible way.  These children suffer a sense of loss, rejection, confusion, deep heart hurt and loneliness when their mother is put in prison.  Mothers who participate in this program select a handmade fleece blanket and matching pillow or a crocheted/knitted blanket, a stuffed animal, and a Bible story book for each child and write a personal note to them.  This gift helps incarcerated mothers reconnect and bond with their child.  If the family comes to visit, the offender can get the blanket gift package from the warden to give to her children. If the offender’s family does not visit, the blanket gift package is mailed to the children.  During the program, we talk with the women about how much God loves each of them and how He wants to help them.  We give them a Steps to Christ which includes a card to mail requesting Bible studies.  We have many women who request Bible studies.  We also include a copy of Steps to Christ in each blanket gift package for the foster parents.

Testimonials from Offenders about the LAMB Program:

  • “I had lost all hope that I could ever be a good mother.  But there was something about holding the blanket and stuffed animal and knowing that my child would soon be holding them that has given me hope that I can turn my life around and become a good mother.”
  • “This program has helped me reconnect with my children in a powerful way. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!”
  • “We send our children cards and pictures all the time, but this program provides a more tangible way to show our children how much we love them.  As they touch the softness of the blanket and the stuffed animal, they can sense the warmth and closeness of their mother and know that their mother is thinking about them and loves them.”
  • “This is truly an amazing program.  Thank you so much for it!  It has been an incredible blessing in my life and in the life of my children!”
  • “Thank you for praying with me during the LAMB Program.  I have never had anyone pray for me in my entire life.”